The Friends of Historic Third Lake Ridge are a group of neighbors who seek to promote, popularize, and defend the historic character of the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood through education, events, and activism, Email us at

Williamson Street and Marquette Neighborhood Historical Materials Sought!

The History Committee of Friends collects anecdotes, stories, photos, news clippings and other materials that may be used in developing future neighborhood walking tours, articles, exhibits and the neighborhood web site. The particular focus has been on collecting information pertaining to the history of Williamson Street. All of the stories collected have been of interest.

Any original materials that may be lent to the committee will remain the property of the lender and proper credit will be given if copies of the materials are used. Permission to borrow and copy materials will be in written agreements. Copies of the materials will be provided to the State Historical Society and the Dane County Heritage Center. Anyone having old photographs or documents that may be of interest to the committee are encouraged to contact the committee through Friends of Historic Third Lake Ridge.

Do you want to get involved in keeping Willy St history alive? 

Do you have a story to tell, or old photographs to share? 

We want to hear from you! 

Join the Friends of Historic Third Lake Ridge and volunteer your time and expertise in our activities:

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  • Willy Street Fair Art Exhibit on "Old Williamson"